Third Generation:




1976 Pontiac Firebird - Won't Go Breaking Your Heart


When the 1976 model year rolled in, Fall of 1975, the second generation Firebird began its 7th model year. For some at the time it was hard to believe it had been around that long, after-all the first generation Firebird only saw 3 years of production. If the auto business had run as smoothly in the 1970s as the 1960s, the second generation Firebird would have already had a replacement by 1975 at the latest. GM's product cycles were running 3 to 5 years during the 1960s. However by the 1970s, GM had bigger fish to fry, or actually better stated, they were trying to stay out of the frying pan. With the shock of the 1973 oil crises sending gasoline prices through the roof, and a plethora of new U.S. Government emissions and safety regulations, it was safe to say GM had its hands full.

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