Third Generation:




1973 Pontiac Trans Am - the Quintessential Tough Guy Car


The 1972 model year was a minor setback for the Trans Am in terms of production - with a paltry 1,286 total units. The main culprits were a crippling factory workers strike, and the white with a blue stripe and blue with a white stripe exterior coloring schemes which had run their course after a few model years of production. 1973 would be different, Pontiac would offer three distinctive colors - Buccaneer Red, Cameo White (a carryover from 1972), and Brewster Green. The 1970-1972 big full body racing stripe also bit the dust. Buyers responded well to the color scheme offerings and production rose to 4,550 units for the 1973 model year. This wasn't just a one year blip on the radar screen, but the sign of escalating sales that would make the Trans Am the hottest selling performance car in the world by the late-1970s.

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1972 Pontiac Trans Am - Stale Bread?


It was the fourth model year for the Trans Am and the third year with the same body style however the 1972 Trans Am was an exact carryover from the 1971 model year. The two colors choices were back again - Cameo White and Lucerne Blue and each had the same top body stripes they possessed the previous two model years along with the same bird decals in front of these stripes. It was as if the head of Pontiac design with the Trans Am had pushed away from his desk dusted off his hands and exclaimed "that's it, we have built the perfect car" and went home. And henceforth no changes would be made to Pontiac's beloved Trans Am for 1972.

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1971 Pontiac Trans Am - Hello 455


Back in 1971, the Billboard #1 hit for the year was "Joy To The World" by Three Dog Night. For Trans Am fans this song certainly summed up their general mood when it came to the 1971 Trans Am - it was all joy. The Trans Am was back again for a third model year and its second year with the same body style. Pontiac kept the Trans Am colors the same as the previous year - blue and white exterior schemes. However the Polar White exterior color of the previous year was replaced with the return of the 1969 Trans Am's Cameo White which had a large blue stripe with a black border spanning the entire top part of the car (the same stripe used on the previous year's Polar White Trans Am).

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1970 Pontiac Trans Am - the Encore


The introduction of the low-volume 1969 Trans Am had an original purpose of getting the still-born Pontiac 303 CID V8 certified for the Trans-Am circuit racing. Pontiac substituted two versions of its 400 CID V8 at the last minute when the 303 V8 failed to make it into production. With volume of only 697 1969 Trans Ams being produced, who would have thought Pontiac would have returned with an all-new Trans Am for 1970. But that was exactly what Pontiac did. The first generation 1967-1969 body style was history, its boxy styling was attractive but it was not attuned with the sleek sporty image that Pontiac wanted to convey for the upcoming 1970s.

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