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1982 Banks Twin Turbo Pontiac Trans Am - Faster Than The Challenger Hellcat


2015 has just arrived and all the kudos from the automotive press are being directed towards the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and to a slightly lesser extend its 4-door brother the Dodge Charger Hellcat.  The Challenger Hellcat is the ultimate and fastest production muscle car ever produced and the Charger Hellcat is the fastest production 4-door sedan ever produced - both cars have 707 horsepower on tap and achieve a 200 mph top speed. As earth shattering as this all seems, 31 years ago an auto magazine and a hot rodder proved it wasn't impossible to build a 200 mph street legal car that was civilized enough to be driven as a daily driver.

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1984 Pontiac Trans Am 15th Anniversary Edition - Uber Special and Very Classy


Editor's Note: This article was originally written by Firebird Nest's writer Pete Dunton for the Old Car Memories online magazine - oldcarmemories.com in May 2012.

Speciality and rarity are the two traits that buyers yearn for in a performance car. Back in 1984, buyers who wanted the most distinctive and rare new performance car that America had to offer didn't have to look any further than the 1984 Pontiac Trans Am 15th Anniversary Edition. With only 1,500 produced and a unique exterior color scheme, anyone with a half of brain knew this was no ordinary Trans Am but one destined to be a future collectible. Driving a 15th Anniversary Trans Am back then let everyone know that you were part of a special club. It was the most expensive and exclusive Trans Am back in 1984.

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1982 Pontiac Trans Am – the Suave Aerodynamic Warrior


Editor's Note: This article was originally written by Firebird Nest's writer Pete Dunton for the Old Car Memories online magazine - oldcarmemories.com in December 2009.

It is safe to say that Pontiac weathered the storm of performance malaise in the 1970s better than any other automaker. When all the others had given up, Pontiac continued to put its largest displacement and most powerful V8 motors into its performance flagship, the Trans Am. When Chevrolet dropped the big-block (454 CID) V8 option at the end of the 1974 model year on the Corvette, the Corvette would soldier on with a 350 CID V8. The Camaro lost its large displacement big-block (402 CID) V8 even sooner (at the end of the 1972 model year). Over at Ford, the Mustang lost its large displacement big-block at the end of the 1971 model year when the 429 CID V8 was removed from the Mustang option list. By 1975 the Mustang had as its top motor a 302 CID 2V (2 bbl.) V8.

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1985 Pontiac Trans Am - the Bird Soars Again


A heavy burden was placed on the 1985 Pontiac Trans Am, it was the first substantial styling update of the third generation Trans Am which had seen a successful launch during the 1982 model year. By 1984, Trans Am production was 55,374 units which was the best sales year for the third generation Trans Am. However it would be tough to maintain these sales since a whole new crop of performance oriented 2+2 coupes from Europe and Japan were littering the U.S. market by 1985. It was vital that the sleek but traditional V8 powered muscle car Trans Am remained at the top of the performance heap for 1985. With this in mind the 1985 restyle was vital to the future of the Trans Am. Fortunately Pontiac was on top of its game and released what was considered by most as a very attractive styling update.

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